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Long time gone....

Wow, can't believe I've been away from here for over 2 years.

It has been a tough two years, though, with a really rough last couple of months.  Which is probably why I'm back, seeking a little escapist solace in some good fic.  Looks like a lot of my favorite authors have moved on, or their muses have, unfortunately. :(

On another topic, I hope all of you still out there have voted! Or plan to, come Nov 8th.  It's your chance to have your voice heard - VOTE!

Olympic Curling!

The Olympics are back and my guilty pleasure is watching  - and trying to figure out - curling. :o)
Canada just had a beautiful shot against GB (I know this isn't live, but I'm just seeing it ;))
How about those Canadians, eh, geekgrrllurking?

Happy Holidays!

Haven't been on LJ much lately, but here's my belated Merry Christmas to all of you! And Happy Boxing Day! And best wishes for a very Happy New Year to everyone!


Umm, who is this Rob Ford guy?

How did he get elected?  Had no idea before this evening what a ... troubled person was running Toronto.

Poor Toronto.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Warm wishes going out to the land of my marriage.
Many thanks.
OK, so those few of you who know me on LJ know I'm not a writer, I'm a reader, and a beta.  Well - I was going through some old boxes at home and I found a little ficlet I wrote many, many moons ago (12-15 years?) when Xena was in its heyday.  Ahhh, the golden years. :oD  Anyway, you're all so courageous throwing your creations out there for all to see, so I thought I would honor that, and IDF, and post this little thingy, then duck for cover.

Let's see, what do guys usually say here?
Title: "Untitled"
Fandom: Xenaverse
Pairing: Ephiny/OFC
Rating: weak PG probably
Disclaimer: Oh, if I ever owned any part of XWP, you can be sure that it would still be on the air today. ;)  Kudos to Tapert, RenPic, Flat Earth, etc.
Author's Note #1: Absolutely the first ever fanfic I've ever written, and am now posting. (gulp)  I found this scribbled little ficlet, and to do it and my younger self justice, I am leaving it just as I wrote it way back when.  As a beta, that's pretty hard for me, but while I don't envision ever turning into a writer, constructive criticism is welcome.
Author's Note #2: I always wanted Ephiny to find a partner; she went the centaur route, and I'm pretty sure if Xena had... stayed 'away' ...she and Gabrielle would have gotten together.  Anyway, I think that's why this story came to me.
Author's Note #3: My intended backstory for the OFC is that she's a non-Amazon that Xena and Gabrielle encountered and brought to live with the Amazons, she proves herself over time, and gets adopted into their official ranks.
Author's Note #4: Really, I know this is amateur stuff, but I figured 'what the heck?'  Good grief, this is nerve-wracking.  The content and style of this fic were definitely influenced by all the Xenafic I was reading back in the day.  OK, let me figure out how to upload this here bit and off you go.
One last thing: Thanks to fortunata13 for the encouragement!

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Say cheese!

Apparently the Cassini spacecraft will be taking pictures of Saturn tomorrow afternoon, and their angle should include a loooong distance view of the Earth.  NASA, the Cassini Imaging Team Leader, and the Jet Propulsion Lab are asking Earthlings to take a moment (between 5:27 and 5:43pm EDT) to look up, wave, and smile at Saturn (at the camera).

Hello Saturn! Greetings from Earth!

"Poltical Animals" gets Emmy nods!

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike!  Guess what day it is. (love that camel:))

That's right, folks.  It's Emmy nomination day!
Happy to report both the USA miniseries "Political Animals" and its star, Sigourney Weaver, picked up nominations for Best Miniseries and Lead Actress.  Woowoo! :)  But where's the love for Carla Gugino for Supporting Actress??

FemslashCon 2013!

Hey all,
Just a friendly reminder that FemslashCon 2013 in honor of the International Day of Femslash is this weekend (July 20-21), and yours truly will, with trepidation, be a first-time panelist, for the Legend of the Seeker panel on Day 2, Room 2, 2-3pm EDT-US.

Check out the IDF website and stop on by for some femslashy goodness. :)
Respectfully borrowed from enginerd

hot outside